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Current machines I own

Stargate, Corvette, Black Knight 2000, Black Hole, Road Show
( click to see pic's and/or info )

Machines I use to own

 Gladiators, Johnny Mneumonic, Cleopatra


Pinball Info

Own a pinball machine? Here are a couple tips from me;

  1. Level your machine! It makes a big difference in play if you do not properly level you machine. My example, I have a Corvette machine, I was ready to sell it because I hated the way it played, when I set the incline to 5 Deg's...shazam...now it plays great!
    (MORE TO ADD....)
  2. Get some rubber shoes for you leg levelers, must have!!  I got mine from WICO, a little shake, goes a long way.
  3. New Balls! Don't play with old scratched or rusty balls.
  4. Keep it clean! Clean your playfield often, and wax when needed.

Game Specific Info

Plexiglas window to lower field, make sure that the edges are level. If the ball changes direction when hitting the edges, then you need to fix it. What you need to do is remove the hex screws, check the rubber grommets, either replace them or add nylon washer above them for spacing, now the important part, do not over tighten the screws when re-installing, you may need to go back a forth on the screws. But take the time and make sure the plexi is level with the playfield. You will be glad you did!


more Pinball info

I have made some slight mods to a couple of my machines. (MORE TO ADD...)

  1. Black Knight 2000. Added a rail to the left outlane. (NEED PIC)

  2. Cleopatra. Moved rails one both outlanes. (NEED PIC)

  3. Corvette. Have a couple in mind. (INFO TO FOLLOW)

  4. Blackhole. Added an extra rubber ring to the left out hole. (NEED PIC)

Let me know what you think of mods, good to make the machine play better, or don't touch it, that was the way it was designed!  (We'll I'm an engineer, I can help but think of how to re-design it!!) My opinion; the machines were originally designed more to make money and not necessarily for the players "full" enjoyment. So now that the machines are for "our" enjoyment, shouldn't we be able to enjoy more!